Word search puzzles are probably the most iconic puzzles in Word Wizard. They can be used to study spelling and vocabulary.

When printing, saving, or exporting a word search, a key copy highlighting the placed words will always be created to ease help with the student. The student copy will contain no highlighting.

The author gets complete control over all aspects of the word search puzzle. The size of the grid to use, the colors to incorporate, and the orientations the words are allowed to present call all be set.

Larger grid sizes lead to more difficult word searches. The different orientations for the words can also impact difficulty. Young students may need words that run in ‘normal’ directions, from left to right and top to bottom.

Older students may need more challenge, allowing diagonal orientations, or words that run ‘backwards’ from right to left or bottom to top. Regardless, the author can choose what is appropriate for the intended student. A direction rose will be included above the puzzle grid to let the student know which orientations might have words, and which won’t.