Word Wizard gives you all the tools you need to create educational and entertaining word puzzles of any level of difficulty. With a simple user interface designed to give you maximum control of your puzzle content and yet stay out of your way, Word Wizard keeps the user interface to a clean minimum. Controls are kept on a drawer, divided into common controls at the top of the drawer and puzzle specific controls at the bottom. Common controls apply to all puzzles, while puzzle specific controls are just what you need for each type of puzzle.

Common controls set parameters for every puzzle type. Define a header, and it is common to all puzzles. Provide a word list, and all puzzles will use it. Set the puzzle font and color, and all puzzles will be created with that font and color.

Creating a puzzle is simple. Just give the design information you desire and close the drawer. Word Wizard will render your puzzle on the full page, giving you your best view of your handiwork.

If you don’t like what you see, just open the drawer, make adjustments, and close it again. If you don’t like the specific layout of the words in the puzzle, just open and close the drawer, and Word Wizard will render a new layout. No fuss. No muss.

When you like what you see, just right-click over the puzzle and select Print…, Save…, or Export to PDF… from the pop-up menu.