Crossword puzzles are ideal study aids for vocabulary. By incorporating the word bank, they can promote spelling as well.

Word Wizard has a powerful engine built into it for automatically building crossword puzzles from your word lists. There is no limit on the number of words that can included, though longer lists can mean a longer search for viable puzzles. Word Wizard allows the author to review all viable puzzles and automatically adjusts the hints to match the puzzle under review.

To ease helping students, a key copy will always be produced when printing, saving, or exporting a crossword puzzle.

Because creating a crossword involves a search process, the author can control the depth of the search. This limit can be based simply on the number of paths searched and/or on the number of crossword puzzles successfully made.

The author also gets to specify the colors for the boarder of the crossword, the grid in the crossword, and the background color that will be used for the blank spaces in the puzzle.