As promised, Word Wizard integrates a contact manager so that you can directly reach Angstrom Software, Inc. with your thoughts, issues, and/or suggestions. Three reasons for contact are supported:

  • Providing Feedback
  • Reporting A Bug
  • Suggesting A Feature

Providing feedback allows you to let ASI know how much you like Word Wizard. Give a quick rating by clicking on a star. Let us know how you use Word Wizard. Provide details of your experience. If you would like, you can allow ASI to use your feedback as an endorsement of Word Wizard. You can provide general information about yourself if you wish — it is not required. Your endorsement may be used on ASI’s web site and social media accounts, as well as on any store fronts that seem appropriate.

Reporting a bug is a bit more technically oriented, but it allows you to tell us about any flaw you have found in the software. Quality is out number one concern and all possible efforts have been made to ensure that Word Wizard works as advertised, but we cannot predict all the different ways that our different customers will use the program. If you come across a problem, please let us know immediately and we will begin the process of correcting your issue.

Suggesting a feature gives you a way to participate in the evolution of Word Wizard. Let us know if there is an easier way to arrange the controls, or if we missed some control or function that you think is important. Tell us if you have a good idea for a new kind of word puzzle. We want to hear from you.