Word Wizard is a Microsoft® Windows® application that creates word puzzles for education and entertainment. It has been actively tested and used by teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom and by parents at home to teach spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting skills with great success.

Word Wizard currently supports the creation of four different kinds of word puzzles:

  • Block-matching puzzles
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Scrambles puzzles
  • Word search puzzles

The puzzle author has complete control over content, font, and color in the puzzles. Use an unlimited number of words that you choose with definitions that you provide to make your puzzles. Base your puzzles on the spelling or vocabulary list of the week or a theme. Choose fonts and colors that enhance clarity or add pizzazz and fun.

Import your word lists from any text file or create, edit, and save them using the integrated text editor. Print your puzzles, save them as images, or export them as PDF documents.

Use the integrated contact manager to reach out to Angstrom Software, Inc. with your comments, problems, and suggestions.


Available On The Microsoft Store