Angstrom Software, Inc. is dedicated to creating apps that are useful, fun, and educational — and all of the above whenever possible! All of our apps will be thoroughly tested before release. Our customers will not be treated as a free quality control staff. If you find issues with our apps, reporting them will always be easy.

We also do not subscribe to the notion of “free” apps. Many of you may have noticed that those “free” apps cost you time, battery power, frustration, and often money every time you use them as they slide advertisements between every round of whatever activity for which you are trying to use them.

Our apps must be purchased, but once purchased, they are yours to use, no interruptions, no distractions, no annoying delays and errant clicks taking you off to buy something you never wanted from someone you never heard of. Your time and attention, your battery power, your enjoyment are respected.

Maybe Angstrom Software will not make as much money selling apps as we could selling ads, but apps are our business, not ads, and your desire is the apps, not the ads. We think it makes sense for both of us.